Welcome to our New Website

Welcome to our website.  Please start exploring and enjoying all the new content and options available.  The site has scrolling pictures at the top of the home page that reflect current activities at our church today.  The menu bar at the top is always visible and will lead you to current information about many of the ministries and community programs at Tabernacle.  There is also a new photo gallery which will continue to be updated with the best of all our photos.

New additions include the ability to sign up for our newsletter and Wednesday Night Dinners.  We have also added expanded sections describing our three styles of worship with accompanying pictures.  The publication section is back and has all the recent newsletters and bulletins.

Many thanks go to Rusty Sackett and Jonathan Ingram for creating and launching our new site, but now we need your help to make the new website even better.  Please explore all the pages and links on our new website. If you see any problems or errors or have suggestions for improvements or new content, please let us know.