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How beautiful upon the mountains
are the feet of a messenger
who proclaims peace,
who brings good news,
who proclaims salvation,
who says to Zion, “Your God rules!”
~Isaiah 52:7 (CEB)

Has anyone ever called you an angel? Has anyone ever said to you, “God must have sent you today?” Usually, people say those kinds of things to people who come to them in a crisis and do something that restores their hope. Rarely, do people say those kinds of things to people who come to them in a crisis and give them “good” advice or mumble a platitude.

This month, especially, you will have many opportunities to be an angel. More accurately, this month you will have many opportunities to be a sign of God’s kingdom. During December, Americans are pressured to create the perfect family and friends celebration. This precipitates crises for dysfunctional families, grieving people, and “regular” people with imperfect lives. Americans find themselves with too many demands on time, on money, on physical health, and on emotional resources. As a follower of Jesus, you experience those same pressures; simultaneously, you are challenged to awaken people to the love and grace of God. You are in a unique position to be a “wounded healer” in the crises others around you experience.

Wait! Wait! I can hear your panic and frustration, but I’m NOT trying to add another burden to your already overburdened December. You see, the Good News is you are NOT called to solve the entire world’s problems; you are called to be a light. I think this means you are like a sign pointing the way to God for those who need God. You can work with God to recreate a beautiful world just by being who you are where you are.

Working with God this December, you will discover God’s delightful, whimsical sense of humor. God will let you be a part of moments of grace for lost souls in crisis. Some small kindness from you will be for the other person the answer to a prayer and proof of God’s love. A few moments of listening to the ranting of a stranger will be a healing moment in the blessing of the grief process. A smile and “Merry Christmas” will become recreating of a desperate soul so that a suicide is avoided. Spread blessings this December, and you will work with God in amazing ways.

Grace and Peace to you, people of God! May the blessings from our Lord overflow in your lives in order to be a sign to this community so that they may be moved by God’s love, hope, and joy!

Grace and Peace,

Barry and Becky

Last update: January 28, 2015 1:40 PM