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Dear friends in the Family of God at Tabernacle Church,

In the latter days of this month, we will be celebrating a national Day of Thanksgiving; it’s an historic, widespread event, providing an opportunity for us to gather ‘round the family table together. It’s a day for celebrating the bounty and diversity and richness of God’s Creation. On that day, we also remember those who are without heavily-laden family tables, and we may choose to do something about their disadvantage by serving in soup kitchens, homeless and transitional shelters, and other places where folk gather to “break bread” with kind-hearted and generous folk.

For a moment, allow me to point to another kind of thanks-giving activity, which we will be taking up on the fourth Sunday of the month. It will have an impact on our congregation’s life and ministry for the entire coming year.

Do you recall the last time you sent a thank you note? It may have been in response to something kind that was done for you, or to someone who went out of their way to take care of something you needed, or somehow another touched your heart with a “dab” of divine grace.... and the best thing you could do was to take the time to put a pen to paper and a stamp on an envelope, and send them an expression of your gratitude for their kindness! It is a gift to say “Thank You” in response to a touch of grace!

On Sunday, November 22, I want to invite you to offer a “Thank You Note” to God during one of the morning’s worship services. In the near future, we’ll send you a bit more information, and even a “Thank You Note” to bring! On that day, you are invited to offer an expression of gratitude to God for His love and care; to God’s Church and all that it does in ministry to/for you; to those who have “gone before,” including pastors, Sunday school teachers, musicians and missionaries, parents and ancestors who have been a part of the life and ministry of Tabernacle Church, and those who are coming to the fore of its leadership and life-work.

The “Thank You Notes” we will all be invited to offer will include an “Estimate of Giving for 2016,” so that the financial plans for our congregation’s life and mission will be more complete. You and I give to the church out of a great range of motivations - supporting the church’s array of ministries, caring for our facility, engaging in its work of taking up “the least, last, and lost” of our world, helping college and seminary students, developing hospitals and rehabilitation centers, looking out for retired pastors and “new” ones, too.... and a great many more ministries. Here’s an opportunity to say “Thanks!” to God and His Church.

I hope that you will offer God a “Thank You Note” on Sunday, November 22, and help lift our collective voice in praise and gratitude for all the ways we are blessed by Him every day. If you have any questions, or would like to have a hand in making this year’s “Thank You Note” emphasis happen, please call me, the church office, or a congregational leader.

Bless you.... and Thank You!

Pastor Jim

Last update: November 13, 2015 11:09 PM